How do I connect these?

I am trying to connect a bluetooth dongle to my Bose headphones because I saw it on instructables. The only problem is the number of wires. The instrucatble shows three wires while my bluetooth headset only had two. Should I try to connect these two to the corresponding colors on the other?

samaddon3 years ago

You can connect any of the wire to any point but one wire must go the the common or ground . if you have opened your head phone you will see three wires coming out from it the golden one is ground and connect the other to each other (red / green or blue)and the connect the second wire coming from the dongle.

Burf3 years ago

The wire in the middle on the photo is the bare ground (shield) wire. It connects to the ground (negative) terminal on the dongle.

iceng Burf3 years ago