How do I connect to internet with a dell latitude cp with windows me millenium edition?

It's a laptop!

lemonie8 years ago
Do you have a modem in the Latitude, or as a separate unit?
Do you have an internet service package (which you are paying for) from a telephone / cable service provider?
Why are you still using Windows ME...?

master key (author)  lemonie8 years ago
The laptop has a 56k modem card in it right now.

Yes,I am still using windows Me millenium edition.

And when you say Internet service package do you mean specifically for the laptop
In order to connect to the internet through your (we have to admit dreadfully slow) 56K modem you need someone to be providing you with an internet service. E.g. you have a phone number the modem dials.
If your laptop has a USB port consider going shopping for some new USB internet package.