How do I control this motor? (speed) wise?

I am making a go kart, to be converted to a lunar rover for a carnival.
I am about To purchase to 350w 24v dc motors (geared down of course) But how to I control them?
After looking at 'how to build an electric racing car' Instructable I found that there solution to the problem was to use a heavy duty push switch..
I was thinking that this would be a bit frantic and stoping and starting a whole drive system could do some damage.

I found this.. But how do i use it ? I dont really understand it? I am ringing the company up this week as they seem to have all of the drive systems bits I need.

I would really like any suggestions on other ways to my solution.



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What are your specific goals?
Variable speed, power saving, speedometer,

As for the motor controller box you mentioned, it probably will suck (I'd recommend a kelly motor controller). You get what you pay for, so caveat emptor.
oscarthompson (author)  The Ideanator7 years ago
Im really looking for vairable speed. Not so much power.
Hi Oscar.

You have to have the ability to handle what the motor will demand, especially if its stalled.

You could try 4QD
Yes, 16 USD for the whole thing is suspiciously cheap
We got one for around 70 USD for a school project and we had more than a few problems with it. That project, btw, won half of the first place awards.
How many motors are you  running ? you say "motorS"
You're right, you need speed control. In fact, if that unit is clever, it will regenerate and charge the battery when you stop.
oscarthompson (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
I am running 2, 350w 24v DC motors.
You need 15 A  each then. I suggest Dimension's 2 channel controller. They really are bomb proof, and aren't made in some Chinese sweatshop
gmxx7 years ago
 You need speed controllers. look at the speed controlelrs used for electric wheelchairs or battlebots.

I have used the Victor888 speed controllers, and they work well. they need a pwm booster cable however.
amando967 years ago
 you wil need throttle control, for that to work, sometimes it's just a potentiometer, the datasheet will say what resistance, but i had on that worked with a hall effect sensor...
it will also have connections for lights, and blinkers...
that will only be able to drive ONE motor, and only forwards, no reverse.