How do I control this motor? (speed)?

I have a motor 110v 1/3 hp hz 60 phase 1rpm 1750  class B is posible

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valveman4 years ago
No you cannot control the speed of an induction motor with a speed controller made for a drill or router. They just won't work because they have brushes and induction motors don't. To control the speed of an induction motor, you have to be able to vary the frequency. A VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) or in the case of single phase in single phase out, a cycloconverter.
iceng5 years ago
A 60 phase motor Wow !

Ohh... O.K. make it 60 Hz single (1) phase rated 1750 no-load RPM.
Here is a circuit good up to 220 VAC motors of the induction kind.

Induction motors slip for speed and torque or
slip to twist for revolutions without gunpowder :-)
rickharris5 years ago
You will be far better off buying a suitable single phase controller. Possible source a drill speed controller.

AT you own RISK - Mains is dangerous

Show several single phase speed controllers.

Be aware that for the most part you will loose torque.

If you need to retain or increase torque consider a gear box or pulley system.
ALSO likely to overheat, without external fans.
How much control do you need ? You can buy an inverter that will allow you get some change in speed, but it isn't such that this motor will run at 100 RPM.