How do I convert DC to AC?

I want to get a car battery and use it to power an electric lawn mower that is usually powered by mains electricity.
1) is it possible?
2) how can I do this? I assumed I had to make a DC to AC converter, which is my main question, but yeah...

Alternatively, what would be a better, if any, power source rather than a car battery?

Any help, please, would be very much appreciated :)

Dr. Pepper6 years ago
There are AC to DC inverters out there, just buy one.
orksecurity6 years ago
Converting DC to AC requires an inverter, which is basically a high-power 60-hertz oscillator. Inverters designed to work from automotive voltage are an off-the-shelf item; ask in your local car parts store, or an automotive catalog such as J. C. Whitney.

Be aware that that conversion has some inefficiencies. Switching to a 12VDC motor would give you longer operation before the battery's charge runs down, but of course is a more complicated project..

Personally, I suspect that hauling the battery around will cost you more effort than dragging a power cord. And I do wonder how much cutting time you'll get out of that car battery -- they aren't really designed to power a motor for long; normally they're used to run the starter motor but the alternator supplies power to the car's electronics (and recharges the battery) after that.
lemonie6 years ago

Replacing the motor would be a good idea. Otherwise it's going to be even uglier...