How do I cut felt to cover 6" styrofoam ball?

I need to cover a 6" styrofoam ball with a piece of felt 8" X 11". How do I cut the felt; what glue do I use to glue it on?

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You can't. The Ball has a surface area of 4 x pi x r2 , 4*3.1*9 =112 sq. in.
Your felt has an area of 8 x 11, 88 sq in.
whstefl (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
Is there a pattern I could cut this felt into which would cover at least half of the ball? I can use feathers to cover the other half.
If you had more felt, I'd suggest you look at a baseball. That uses two pieces of leather to cover the whole surface. You could cut similar shapes out of felt. If you just want to cover half the ball... Feels like there should be a shape that will do it, with a bit of stretching and a curved seam, but I'm having trouble visualizing it right now
whstefl (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
I like your answer and will try it. Thank you so much
You can certainly cover half of the ball. Look at the page on the "construction of soccer balls" and the printable PDF pattern for a "truncated icosahedron".