How do I do smocking with elastic thread?

I want to learn how to smock using elastic and a sewing machine. Any help?

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estuvam8 years ago
there is a book called " the art of manipulating fabric" that gives really excellent directions.
threadbare (author)  estuvam8 years ago
I will check this out. I love how-to books.
threadbare (author)  threadbare8 years ago
I did check that book out and it is exactly what I'm looking for thank you.
GOOD! i adore that book, it's so cool! -e
writerlady8 years ago
are you wanting to do true smocking - a pattern type, or simply gather the fabric for stretch?
threadbare (author)  writerlady8 years ago
No, I'm looking for the kind of smocking that uses elastic as the bottom thread.
Re-design8 years ago
Your material needs to be atleast twice as long as you want the final to be. Pin the elastic and material together at the starting point to make sure you get a good start. Stretch the elastic and line the material up and start sewing. I forget what the stitch is called but it's a loose stitch that will move with the elastic. Try this on scrap material so you can gauge how much stretch and give the material will have. Good luck.
hkp188 years ago
I will suggest you to give up smocking. it is bad habit....