How do I do this on my computer?

I got a web cam pointed at the bike rack, but how do I run a night of video?

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xeon9277 years ago
Check out
onrust (author) 7 years ago
Thanks, that was what I needed
If your software doesn't limit the recording space available, you should be able to run it all night, if not, you might want to rig up a motion detector to trigger an even that starts recording for some amount of time and either pauses it or stops and saves it afterward. You'll also want to illuminate the area with IR light if you're being covert (either that or a motion floodlight)
This is described as an animal detector, but it could catch thieves in the act as well.
There are loads of motion detecting web cam recorders out there, see what you can find.
onrust (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
The problem is I'm broke, so I work with what I have. I can live chat with this camera, is it possible to download what I need? and what do I need? Thanks