How do I draw with just a ruler and pencil?

Is there any way with which I can draw something with a ruler and pencil

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kelseymh8 years ago
You'll need a sheet of paper in addition to the ruler and pencil.

  • Sharpen the pencil. The flat end of a brand new pencil doesn't make lines.
  • Place the ruler on the sheet of paper.
  • Place the sharpend point of the pencil down on the paper, lightly pressing against the edge of the ruler.
  • Pull the pencil along the ruler for some distance, preferably shorter than the size of the paper.
Now you've drawn a line! Congratulations!

  • Move the ruler so that it is touching one end of the line you just drew.
  • Place the pencil at that end of the line, and repeat the process above.
Now you've drawn an angle! We're really getting somewhere here.

  • Move the ruler again, so that it is touching the separate ends of the two lines you've drawn so far.
  • Place the pencil against the ruler at one of those line-ends, and repeat the process above, stopping when you reach the second line end.
Now you've drawn a triangle, the simplest polygon! With enough triangles (and some crayons) you can do computer-generated animation. Enjoy your new career as an artist!
This is the obvious best answer.
fwjs28 kelseymh8 years ago
  • the flat end of a brand new pencil can make lines
kelseymh fwjs288 years ago
:-) Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just try to be a bigger pedant than me. See what it gets you :-)
stephNY8 years ago
I guess you're asking about using a ruler because you think geometric shapes look good and when all the lines are straight, it looks "right". I'd suggest doing a search on an artist/teacher named Mark Kistler, who has been teaching drawing techniques on PBS for years, and has a ton of good info on his website. He doesn't usually use a ruler, but he does use simple geometry which you could do with a ruler quite easily, while learnig some valuable lessons which will help in any kind of drawing you ever do!
Gjdj38 years ago
There's some cool geometric "art" you can do with a ruler and a pencil (plus some paper). It's sort of hard to explain, but you could just do some searching around.
fwjs28 Gjdj38 years ago
how do you do that...must.. find...out!!!!
Gjdj3 fwjs288 years ago
It's actually really easy (to do a simple version). Maybe I'll do an Instructable on it.
gmjhowe8 years ago
You don't need that ruler! Throw that to one side. All you need is that pencil. Creativity does better with skill, but creativity is not bound by a level of skill. Just draw and draw, the more you do, the better you will get.
Ah! So drafting is not drawing, eh?

With tongue firmly in cheek, obviously...
Atomman8 years ago
If your going to draw a human/head, keep curving the ruler as you make the head shape. You can also trace lines and make stars, windows and trees.