How do I drive a 4 wire stepper motor?

Im thinking of making a small CNC machine to make PCBs. Just the other day, I opened up an old scanner and found this stepper motor with 4 wires. The wires are orange, yellow, light brown, and red.
The info on the motors label is:
1.8 DEG/STEP  4.1 Ohms
No. 18752G

How can I drive this? Can I use an arduino, serial or parallel port?


rickharris5 years ago
There are several ways to drive a stepper motor. For your CNC your going to have some kind of computer attached so using that to generate the stepping sequence may make sense.

Otherwise you are going to have to buy or build a dedicated stepper driver that accepts instructions from your CAD programme.

Should give you some idea of what is involved.

(removed and Edited to correct typo - see primeq below)
primeq5 years ago
"For your CNC >>your<< going to have some kind...." should be "For your CNC you're going to have some kind..."

your and you're are not the same word.

Correct - Thanks.