How do I dry jalapenos from my garden?

I want to dry some of the jalapenos in my garden so that they last longer.

Dr.Bill5 years ago
Hang them in the sun like they do in Old Mexico.
Sandisk1duo5 years ago
slice your jalapenos 1/4 inch, like Larry said, then put them in an oven set to 1500
I dried some from a friends garden by slicing them about 1/4" and stacking them in my wifes dehydrator (similar to apples, tomatoes, bananas, etc). Her dehydrator is commercial (she dehydrates other things and found one at a garage sale) but I would assume the homebrew dehydrating strategies here would work well too. They were a little milder per slice (per weight/volume they were quite hotter) and lasted about a year. I know this is a pretty weak description since I only did it once, but it worked out rather well that time so it's at least proof of concept I suppose.
Oh, btw - if using a dehydrator soak the stuff in something like vinegar, soap or bleach water after. I soaked hers about 6h in soapy water with a good washing before and after and her next batch of bananas still had a little bite to them (which wasn't half bad, but not what she was aiming for), overnight in dawn w/ bleach and a little vinegar and another wash and it was safe.
perhaps wipe down with milk/wash - milk helps while you eat spicy stuff for breaking the bonds between the capcaicin (sp) and the taste might break the bonds with the plastic.