How do I extract all frames from a movie?

 I'd like to find a free program (preferably with a Windows GUI) that can extract every frame (or every Nth frame) from a movie file and convert them into a series of  image files.

frollard7 years ago
Virtualdub or virtualdubmod should be able to - and they're free.  Commonly used for (re-)encoding videos from one format to another; I believe it has 'save frame series" or something like that in the file menu.

I think it can do the opposite as well, turn frames into a video...
NobodyInParticular (author)  frollard7 years ago
 Yes, that's what I needed. I'm trying to put video into Microsoft PhotoSynth.

By the way, even Picasa (among many other programs) is able to turn frames into video.
I was thinking of doing exactly the same, using it for either photosynth or for microsoft ICE - to convert a panning video into a wide format image.