How do I filter out certain words in searches?

I want to search wood projects, but don't want all the pallet projects. I tried the "-keyword" search, but it gives me the keyword (only). I really want an "everything but pallets" search.


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kelseymh2 years ago

Hmmm. You're right: I just did a search on "sanding -wood", and what I got was _only_ forum topics with "sanding wood" in the title. That's means that I'bles is no longer using Google's search system. Maybe booleans? YES!

To exclude a keyword, prefix it with the word "NOT". For example, "sanding NOT wood" gets you things like "drawing in the sand", "sanding beads" and so on, but all of the wood-related topics from before disappear.

Sweet! This Question AND Answer helped me soo much.

Of course it would not work in any way we know from websites and forums - it is Autodesk....
Time to publish a new book: How to use Instructables - what the developers never tell you....

Hi, Downunder. In fact, I am familiar with other Web sites with exactly this interface: (physics preprints) and InSpire (physics journal index) both use all-caps Boolean keywords: "x-ray AND coherent NOT fusion", for example. That's what led me to try it as a possibility.

Pro tip: "NOT" must be written in ALL CAPS for "NOT" to be recognized as a boolean operator. However, "not" in lowercase does not work. Compare:


rjmendlein (author)  kelseymh2 years ago
It makes sense if you know their search method!

So I don't need to see all the pallet projects and you like you sand without wood. Makes perfect sense.

Thanks for the quick response.
iceng2 years ago

Put a - minus in front of the undesired word ,-pallets,


kelseymh iceng2 years ago

The user said in their post that they tried that, and the "-" was ignored. For a while, I'bles had been using Google's search engine, but I guess they have stopped.

iceng kelseymh2 years ago

Thanks for pointing it out. Read too fast and sorry I misssed it !

"NOT+that it matters" as they are going to be tuning code here for the rest of my life.