How do I find my internet's speed?

I took a speed test, and the download speed was 944, it's upload speed was 445. I have Air advantage, which is from a central router.

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lemonie8 years ago
You've found one test and done it once. I'd try several others at different times of day - get an average.

trying1234 years ago
What did you use for the speed test.Your upload and download speed looks fine.Try to verify it through other speed test sites like where they give the speed results accurately.
Kryptonite8 years ago
Your connection speed is also a good one to look at...
vinacarv8 years ago
The site is in portuguese (it is brazilian), but the info is pretty straight forward.
Just click on the green round button at the inferior-right part of the screen.
gmxx8 years ago
 944 /445 is your internet speed. 944 is download speed, 445 is upload... in less you have a different question
Burf8 years ago