How do I fix an XBOX360's laser diode lens?

My brother has 3 XBOX360's (don't ask me why), and he says two of his three XBOX360s are broken because the lens of the laser diode (or whatever it's called) is broken. Is there anyway to fix it without getting a new XBOX360 and try to keep it as cheap as possible.

Aslo, we do have a source of soldering and both of the XBOX's are opened up and have no casing on at this moment (but we still have the casing, just in a box in our 1st floor).

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rwilkinson32 years ago
this is a video of how to fix it if you have benq or liteon. you just need to adjust it
You can buy replacement drives for a few bucks.
rickharris2 years ago
there is NO reason for the lens every to be wrong/broken. It never touches anything.

At worse it may get dirty from dust/debris picked up in use fro your CDs if you dont keep them clean.

You can buy a cleaning CD to clean the lens this is about as far as you can go.