How do I fix my tv?

My tv is no picture: but has sound

blkhawk7 years ago
I do not recommend that you try to fix your TV by yourself. Other than play with the settings I would not open the case to work inside since you might be dealing with dangerous electrical charges. It is better to take your TV to a technician or better yet, since they are so cheap in most cases, spend your hard earned money on a new one.
lemonie7 years ago

Is there a prize for this?
Come on man, we need more information.
I can say "it's knackered - buy a new one", but what have you got that might be fixed?

Re-design7 years ago
Could be at least 20 things. It would help to know the model and make. Any other symptoms.

My first thought is that you've left your super dark sunglasses on and didn't realize it.
Yeah, it's always the flyback transformer....... and the sunglasses.