How do I fix the earbuds that came with my ipod?

I've used the earbuds that came with my iPod since the summer, and I like them. Recently the plastic/rubbery border on the edge came off, and so did the mesh that made it bearable to listen to, in one of them (the right one, if you care). Now what's exposed has sharp edges on the disc and is painful to listen to. And I'm not just talking about the Nickelback song my cousin gave me. Is there a way to substitute this with a common household object, or something I can pick up for free?

jeff-o7 years ago
Sorry, no replacement parts.  Just get a new pair.  I recommend JVC HA-FX66 earbuds.
fwjs287 years ago
easiest fix would be to buy a nice pair of Skull Candies for about twenty bucks, awesome bass..stay away from the smoking buds, they suck
best headphones for cheap, trust me ive had about 5 pairs 
Re-design7 years ago
You should be able to replace the liners.  Try getting some new ones at the apple store.  YOu might be able to use generic ones.