How do I get my girl to love me more?


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2mike4 years ago
love is something that can not be controlled and or mastered. allow me to use water as an example. love is not like a lake, which is contained and pacified with few ripples and waves. instead it is like the ocean which can be calm and beautiful at one moment, but then rough and treacherous at another. In the same way love isn't something that is always joyful and happy. instead love is something is something which must be proven by enduring the good times along with the bad.
Also, like the ocean, love is something that can't be controlled or mastered. There is no way to make a person love you, that is a feeling that must first come from the persons heart. You must show your love, be patient, and he/she returns the favor by showing you there love.
Usf7 years ago
 Simple. Just love her more, and expect her to reciprocate. If ye already love her beyond possible augmentation, show her yer love more. Don't buy gifts too often, that just ruins it. Make her something. Compliment her on something other than how she looks. Girls love originality, so the more original ye are with yer compliments and gifts, the more grateful she'll be to have ye around.

My ex hated cliche's, and we got along perfectly (in case ye're wondering, we broke up because she had to move away, and we both agreed that long-distance wasn't going to work). I complimented her on things like the curve of her back and the shape of her earlobe. Besides being funny, I genuinely thought she had amazing spinal curvature and very sexy earlobes.

Find what it is about her that makes ye tick and start from there.

In addition to compliments, engage her in the daily aspects of yer life. By that I don't mean tell her every boring little detail of yer life, but do things with her. The more time ye spend with her doing things other than dates, the closer ye get and more in love ye are.

Hope this helps, man.
jtp1397 years ago
you can't make someone love you more. love is an uncontrollable wild creature. it has many forms. i'm assuming you are young or not "life experienced"

love is not obsession.

when you are really in love, you care more about the happiness of the person then if they love you or not.

Try having an actual connection with this person. open yourself up to them. tell them something you've never told anyone...really listen to them when they tell you something...

Z..7 years ago
Its already been said, but you need to be to her, what you want from her.

And if it doesn't work out-I promise you that with the right girl for you-it will!

jeff-o7 years ago
Please define "love me more."
Helzacat (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
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If you want to be trusted, be trustworthy, and be seen to be trustworthy.

If you want her to care about you, care about her, and be seen to care.

In other words, be her best friend, or the best friend you can be.

That includes listening and backing off if she tells you that you're crowding her. It also includes letting her go if she wants to be let go.

The relationship may not last. But this is your best bet for making it last, and for keeping her as a friend even if it winds up being nothing more than that.

There is no magic. There is no forever. There is NOW, and what you do now to make her feel comfortable with you now. Keep doing that, and the now stretches into longer times.
I forgot to say ".. and trust her in return." 

(Yes, there are some people who view jealousy as indicating you care more about them. Unless you are SURE your friend feels that way, and know exactly how much they want you to exhibit, Don't Go There; it can do far more harm than good.)
Be more awesomer.

:-)  I like that answer!

:D Thanks.
You can't because of wild unforeseen variables, but probably the least risky way is to be confident in yourself and your relationship.  Confidence will prevent a lot of nasty things from creeping in such as codependency/clinginess.  Lack of confidence will probably cause the relationship to falter.  This doesn't mean you should be "cool" but rather caring without fear or need.

If it doesn't work out, that doesn't mean there was something wrong with what you did necessarily - there are a thousand and one other variables in play when it comes to relationships.
frollard7 years ago
All you can do is love her with all your heart, pour all of yourself into the relationship.  If she feels the same, she will love you back (not reciprocal, but she just...will).

If she doesn't, it wasnt meant to happen.  Can you take that risk in the beginning?  no.  Go all out.  You only get from relationships what you put in.
Helzacat (author)  frollard7 years ago
think you some much :)
You say in the other message 'to care and trust' -

Simple, care for her, and be trustworthy.  Trust is implicit, but cant be proven - so dont break that trust, and if you do, admit it.