How do I get my male cat to quit spraying on the furniture?

We have tried everything. He is neutered. We have used the spray feliway, feliway diffusers and we have 2 in our living room where he sprays, he even has a feliway cat collar he wears. He is one of 4 cats we have. He has also been checked by the vet and he is perfectly healthy. He is 12 years old.

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fangfriends8 years ago
Neutering is the first solution offered by most vets for spraying issues.
cah8 years ago
It is behavioural make sure that you have 1 more litter box than cats. have you recently added a new addition because that would be causing stress
hott8 years ago
put cat repellent wherever he pees or cat pee pads
try checking the other cats, if there is another cat in heat or a tom or something outside or in his "pack" then it could be aggravating him to spray. If that doesnt work you can go to a vet and get him euthanized for like 15 bucks and get a cute one to replace that old fart (im kidding)
orksecurity8 years ago
If you haven't already tried it, give the areas where he has been spraying a good application of one of the odor-cancelling enzymes (available from pet supply stores under various names; the one I've used is Odormute). If the surface is fabric, consider renting a steam cleaner and using that to drive the enzyme deep into the fabric. This will cancel the scent which says "someone marked this before", and may help break the cycle. If that doesn't do it... If you can catch him at it, you can't work on training him out of it. But that requires someone keep an eye on him for an extended period. (I had a cat who eventually learned to find a tile floor before upchucking hairballs, after enough cycles of having been grabbed just as she was starting and rapidly moved into the bathroom.) Trying to correct the behavior later than that doesn't work; the cat won't understand what you're trying to teach it. You can try to figure out why he's spraying and address it from that end. Objecting to the other cats and marking things as his? Objecting to the condition of the litter box? (Might be worth trying one of the self-cleaning boxes.) Competition for the litter box? (Do you have enough boxes that the cats don't have to wait for each other?) But some cats do just plain get sloppy about litter box protocol as they age. 12 is younger than I would expect for that sort of "feline dementia", but it's past middle age as cats go...