How do I get past firewall to get to youtube?

My parents got really mad and blocked youtube and I feel like all my knowledge comes from there what should I do?

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MrRedBeard4 years ago
Some firewall configurations allow
Kiteman4 years ago
Join a library, read some actual books.
What no TV?

How many books do you think people read today?

My local library is turning into a bank of computers they don’t even carry my books.

Why should they there are Ebooks.
What did you do to make them mad and have the site blocked? What can you do to appease your parents so they can trust you to have access again?

Chances are if you try to circumvent there punishment you'll make things worst for yourself. So why make your life more difficult than it already is. Do what you gotta do to get back on your parent's good side and you'll make your life much easier. If they have not set forth a set of goals they expect you to meet before you can have the site back, than sit down with them and discuss that. I'm sure you'll impress them with that. Step up like and adult and do what needs to be done. Don't try to circumvent the system and be childish about the situation.
Make a deal with your parents or find where they hid the password.
Vyger4 years ago
Seriously? Try paying attention in school, I think you will bet a much better quality of knowledge. At least they don't fake stuff there.