How do I get pictures off this non working phone?

The phone is a Samsung sch-r430. It does not have service. Bluetooth is not an option.
I do have a usb cord but when I plug it in to my computer nothing happens.
What should I do?

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gmxx7 years ago
 Try Samsung Mobile Pc Studio. software.

If you have a sim card from a phone with service, and this phone takes a sim chip, you could swap the sims to boot the phone, delete the photos or bluetooth them or whatever, then switch the sims back.
onrust (author)  gmxx7 years ago
No sim chip.
gmxx onrust7 years ago
 If it can truly work over usb, you will need to find the samsung mobile pc studio. I didnt see this on the download page for your phone, which makes me wonder if it will work.
onrust (author)  gmxx7 years ago
   I cannot find anything that says samsung mobile pc studio will work for this phone either.  I'm just not going to download something if I do not know if it will work or not due to my poor computer skills.
  I was told by a sales rep, "you can do that later" because that fit my situation and HIS SALE at the time.  I'm afraid if I go back to and find out I cannot do anything..........not good.
_Vyper7 years ago
I've had a ton of problems with my tracfone lg 290c syncing multimedia(pix/audio) over bluetooth TILL i found OBEX Commander

Its free and does usb and usb(and some other types) for file transfer and works great
lemonie7 years ago
Is there any part of the phone that does work, did it work before or have you obtained it in this state?

onrust (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Every aspect of the phone does does not have service.
Bluetooth was tries to transfer the photos but it did not work.
I was given a USB cord for the phone and was told to "just plug it in" and I could get the pictures off of it..........not
lemonie onrust7 years ago
Ah well, you need the software application to transfer via USB.
Have a look around the manuf's site, see if that helps?

onrust (author)  lemonie7 years ago
That is where I got the picture of the phone.
I seem to be looking through over 5000 files of things I do not understand.
What language will be used to title this software?....or,  What am I looking for?
Thank you
lemonie onrust7 years ago
It'll be a software thing to manage your phone from the PC and transfer data. They don't behave like generic USB storage. (Well, I've not known a phone that does)
Ask Samsung or whoever you bought it from?

onrust (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Thank you for your time.
Jayefuu7 years ago
It appears you already have a picture of that phone. [/pedantry]

If you want to get photos off the phone, is there a memory card you can remove?

onrust (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago
/No /there /is /no /memory /card /.
kcls Jayefuu7 years ago