How do I get rid of Japanese Beatles?

I have a garden and would like to git rid of them w/o pesticides. Does someone have a homemade recipe? Thanks.

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lemonie8 years ago
Is their music that bad?! I guess you'd have to call a hit on them. Have you got any connections to Japanese Mafia? L
Introduce them to Yoko Ono?
Oh, yes (head-slap)

haha, I was thinking something along those lines
AFF8 years ago
You can kill two birds with one stone (no pun intended) Mix roughly 2 - 3 drops of non ultra non concentrated dawn dish detergent in a 16 to 32 oz spray bottle and spray away. An old man told me this and then an old woman told me the same thing to keep both fungus and bugs from my tomato plants. Good luck. Dawn is not that abrasive and it is not very harsh on the environment so there is not really any pollution to worry about. I know Joy and Dawn both work great in Louisiana to controll mosquitos in standing pools of water and it dilutes and washes away without harming anything. I don't advise dumping the whole bottle on anything though. It may take one or two applications to take affect. Cover a large area well and then reapply the following day for a few days and watch them disappear. Good Luck!!!
thepelton8 years ago
Isn't there some sort of fungus that attacks them, like Bacillis thurigenensis?
The easiest way is to trap them with a commercially made bait. Nothing has to touch your plants at all.

You can make your own trap to hold the bait: