How do I get rid of scratches on plastic?

I have been wanting to get some minor scratches off of the top emblem on my GameCube to make it look nice. I was just wondering if there is any way to do this. Preferably a home remedy that doesn't require any special order chemicals.

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janw6 years ago
A little bit of polish should do the trick.
Brasso will work on plastic.
rickharris6 years ago
Metal polish works.
gkeene6 years ago
Use a plastic headlamp lens cover polishing kit, available at many car parts stores or Harbor Freight Tools. Those kits use a polishing wheel chucked in a drill motor. Rubbing it by hand will take . . . . f o r e v e r.
iceng6 years ago
I took a close look at the signs of life use. The Robot in you wants to erase
the built up precious Mana from a clean good looking object ;-)

Mana which is a Pacific islander concept of an impersonal force or quality
that resides in people, animals, and (debatably) inanimate objects.

Burf6 years ago
Try using a whitening toothpaste on a soft, damp cloth. An old T-shirt works well.
Rub it in with small circular motions until the scratches are no longer visible, then buff to a shine.