How do I get rid of the white border around my custom vehicle?

I am trying to make my own vehicle, but everytime I do it, I have a white border around the image. I am a rather novice'er. Is there a way to crop out the image without having the frame around it?

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Save it as a PNG file. If it keeps happening, crop the image or make the white part transparent (Magic wand > Delete). Otherwise, ask the paint.NET people what to do. I really don't know.
lemonie8 years ago
What exactly are you making and with what? Do you want a transparent GIF or something? L
billybirch (author)  lemonie8 years ago
yeah, I am just using a single .gif as the vehicle
OK so you want to save as GIF with a transparent background.

Lview should do this, but I don't know about the free version in that link.
I believe coffee cup will too, but there'll be limitations on the free version.
See if you can find anything on

billybirch (author)  lemonie8 years ago
so there is no way to use to cut out a part of a .gif and it not have a frame? Because I can cut out the .gif, but when I try to paste it on a 2881x160 layer it pops up with a frame, it is transparent, but it still shows up on my Garmin.
I don't know what is but I can e-mail you an old version of Lview which will let you save transparent gifs. L
billybirch (author)  lemonie8 years ago
could you please... did you get my email address?
I just did, hope it might help? L
No. Private Message me your e-mail and I'll send you something that'll do it. L
billybirch (author)  lemonie8 years ago
could it be something with or my converter... I converted one of Garmin's .srf to .png and then safed it with as a .png and then tried to convert it back to a .srf and the white border was there?!?!? this is driving me crazy, I have copied and pasted about 450 pictures, and still a white border.
Kiteman8 years ago
In PhotoShop-type programmes, there is a "magic eraser" which will delete blocks of the same colour, even if they are irregularly-shaped. You simply select the tool (in my old version of "Adobe PhotoShop Elements" it looks like an actual eraser, with a small "twinkle" added at one end), and click on the patch of colour (in your case, white) to delete it and leave a transparent area.