How do I get this mold out of my carpet?

I was cleaning out my room when I lifted up an old shirt and saw an exploded old dryed up juice box. I finished cleaning and saw the stain was yellow and kind of green and it has dark spots on it (guessing mold). My dad wants to sell the house and get a new one because we are running low on money at the moment so I couldn't tell him and get a carpet cleaner guy in here. Anyway I looked online and it said to spray vinegar diluted in water so I did that but I don't think anything happened, so is there any home remedy or easy way I can clean this? Thanks. 

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Vyger4 years ago
First a short true story --- When my daughter was about 8 she used to keep her cabbage patch dolls under her bed. One morning she was trying to find a specific doll and was having trouble seeing as it was dark. So she got a lighter from the kitchen and was using it under her bed for light. It set the box springs on fire. So she now had a problem that was growing fast. She was afraid of getting in trouble and so at first didn't call for help. Instead she got a glass from the bathroom, filled it with water and tried to put the fire out. She filled it several times getting into a bigger and bigger panic as the fire continued to spread into the box springs of her bed. At this time the smoke alarm starting going off as her room was filling with smoke and it spilling out into the hallway. Fortunately it was a weekend and I was home and heard the smoke alarm, looked and saw smoke poring down the hall. I got her out of the room, got the others moving to escape and went into her room to see what was going on. Her bed was billowing smoke. I lifted it up and saw the entire underside was on fire. I keep several fire extinguishers in the house and grabbed one. By now the fire was into the curtains. I hosed it all down and now there was dry powder and smoke everywhere. My wife and I dragged the smoldering mattress outside where it once again burst into flames. The room was gutted, the carpet melted, walls chared, it was bad. So, after this little incident we all came to an agreement --- You won't get in trouble for doing something wrong if you tell me what you did. If you try to hide what you did then you will get in trouble for that, but not for making mistakes like starting a fire by accident. As the parent and home owner I needed to KNOW what was going on so I could fix the problem and prevent more damage. Just hiding something and hoping it will go away doesn't work. If you break a window you need to tell me. It happens, I threw a rock through a window when I was a kid so I understand that it happens. But leaving it broken and letting me find out when it starts raining is a way bigger problem.
So the bottom line is get your parents involved. They need to know and not "discover" the problem when its a lot more difficult to deal with. Offer to help in any way you can, but let them know. And if they want to chew you out for it then use the above story and ask them which situation they would prefer. Come to an agreement with your parents that it is better to disclose the problem and fix it together with understanding and patience rather than hiding things in fear of getting in trouble and making little problems into giant problems.

Deserves Best Answer as long as his parents are the reasonable type.

And lets face it they will probably make him clean it up even if they are reasonable parents.

So from a guy that built and used carpet cleaners and still builds them use mild soap and water and elbow grease, don't use bleach or ammonia.

If the carpet gets very wet use a wet and dry shop vac to suck up the excess moisture not an ordinary vac, it will burn out.

To help the carpet dry make sure it can get lots of air and if you use a fan to help the carpet dry use a grounded fan and keep it on the dry aria blowing on to the wet carpet.

artworker Vyger4 years ago
True! Very true! Very Very True! Very Very Very True! Tell them!
iceng4 years ago
Ozone kills mold.
There are mold cleaning carpet solutions but you will want to pull up the carpet and clean out any mold that may be under the carpet otherwise it will quickly come back. It will require multiple cleaning to ensure you get all the mold spores out so it doesn't return.