How do I increase the mileage of car?

My car  is 5 years old and it was all good, but suddenly from last three months it is not giving a satisfying mileage. What should I do? Can anyone suggest me on this.

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rickharris6 months ago

Because noone has mentioned it the most dramatic way to improve your MPG is to change your driving style.

It used to be said put a brick or block of wood under the accelerator you will save $$$

Vyger6 months ago

Stop driving uphill into the wind.

Limit the number of passengers and exclude any who are large enough to counts as two.

Do like what your business add says and trade it in for a new one.

Vyger Vyger6 months ago

By the way, I only drive downhill with the wind at my back, and passengers are required to get out and push unless they are paying clients.

rickharris6 months ago

Regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacture.

If your not sure why the performance has changes then you should take it to a garage. Most likely the compression ratio has dropped. or the fuel air mixture has changed.

Possibly your usage has changes and your doing a lot more short journies or in traffic a lot which is bad for consumption.

My 13 years old Citroen, at 115756 miles still does the 42 MPG it originally did. I have it maintained regularly as above.

bwrussell6 months ago

Probably time for some regular maintenance. Spark plugs, plug wires, air filter, fluids, etc.

Also tires, particularly air pressure, can have a big effect.