How do I install outdoor rubber stair treads??

We bought heavy outdoor rubber stair mats and there are no instructions as to how to install them. I don't know if you glue them, use tape, or just lay them down. They're heavy, so maybe they won't move?? Does anyone know?? Thank you. Linda145d

orksecurity8 years ago
Usually nails, I think. Remember the whole purpose of putting in stair treads is to reduce the risk of slipping; to do that, they MUST NOT be able to slip themselves.
An outdoor grade mastic could also be used.
True. I always consider adhesives (other than wood glue) a last resort, but I admit that's a rather idealistic position... especially since construction has different rules from other woodworking.
I'm not in disagreement with nailing, just a bit leery with rubber or plastic materials...they have a nasty habit of tearing thru the "fabric" and leaving a hole for water to penetrate. I agree for wood construction. I nail or screw. I have issues with gluing houses together, regardless of what can be done these days...Just don't feel comfortable with it. I *do use glue in conjunction with nails though in certain cases. Having said that, of course, I've been busy the last couple of days restoring an old-fashioned screen/storm door for my dad's back porch. He asked me to put a new pane of glass in a window that sits to the side of the door, and sure enough, once I got it out I realized that the whole corner of his porch was falling apart...that was about a week ago...Now the porch stairs have been replaced, the end column rebuilt and trued, a new header to support the floor installed, window totally rebuilt, and now the door and storm insert... One thing leads to another... Oh..I lost track...the door is being glued using Poly. Not nailed! (I'll sink a few into the mortise & tenon joints just to keep things from slipping, once the glue has dried..., prior to complete the stripping and filling and sanding and painting and...) Argh.