How do I know if a free pro membership has been used?

My pro membership tab says I have several unredeemed. I've sent codes to people.  Does the robot keep track and remove redeemed codes from my pro tab? 


Yes, as you redeem them, they should be removed from the Pro tab. For you I can see 1 active, 2 redeemed, and 2 expired/used. So you should be all set!

Community Support Manager
mole1 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thanks but I'm still confused. You see five. The one I'm using, 2 redeemed (in use by someone) and two expired. I see three... my current in use membership and two one year memberships. I know I sent the code of one of them (don't know if it was received). I didn't notice any dates, but will go back and look.