How do I listen to past radio shows for free?

I listen to coast to coast am and it on at ten where I live so I somtimes miss some good guests and I want to go back and listen during the day for free. I can do streamlink but I don't want to pay. Pleaz help. :-)

A male-male 3.5mm patch cord. Get it at a dollar store or an electronics store. Plug one into the headphone jack of your radio, and the other into your line-in or microphone jack on your computer. Record.
duck_tape_8 years ago
Check if it has a podcast.
DrBrown8 years ago
Alot of cheap Mp3 players, WalMart variety, will receive radio and record directly to wav or wma. $40-$70.
phantom98 years ago
A spare VCR could work. Radio needs to be on, audio output into VCR, no video. Set VCR timer to begin recording and time to turn off. VCR works like a tape recorder except it has programmable timer.