How do I loosen a stuck house from a washing machine?

I am trying to loosen the hose attached my hot water supply on my old washer and it wont budge.  Help!  My new washer is waiting.

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Triclaw3 years ago

replace the hose .

Vyger3 years ago

Sometimes it is amazing how much one wrong word can totally change the meaning of statement. I know you meant hose and not house but what a difference. I am thinking "motor home stuck in a wash" ----

I have a big problem with spelling so I am slow to criticize.

And --- They others gave you pretty good advice. New hose, pliers, ta da .

Welcome to instructables.

Vyger Vyger3 years ago

And by the way if the hose end is really stuck good and you need to crank on it with a lot of force its best if you put a wrench or another pair of pliers to hold the spigot so you don't accidentally break it off from the supply pipe.

Burf3 years ago

Cut it off and replace it. If it is old enough to have stuck to the machine it has probably reached the end of its serviceable life anyway. A new one will set you back maybe $10 - $15 U.S. That's a whole lot less than what it will cost to repair the water damage if the old one breaks.

iceng Burf3 years ago


michelhb3 years ago

Slip joint pliers usually does the trick. You could also try wrapping a rag around it in a counter clockwise direction to give you more grip.