How do I make a LiveUSB drive and still be able to access free space?

I want to make my old 512MB flash drive into a Puppy Linux LiveUSB. Puppy Linux is only a little over 100MB, though, and I want to be able to access the remaining space. I need to do something like Portable Linux, but that I can run off of WinXP. I would rather not have to manually partition it.

you could use Unetbootin
nope this is what you are looking for
CameronSS (author)  cheesemaker1018 years ago
I think that Unetbootin will work for me. I'd used it before, but in situations where there wasn't any space left after installing the OS. Thank you!
CameronSS (author)  cheesemaker1018 years ago
I've had that installed on my computer for a few months now, and have the Puppy Linux ISO waiting. Does a drive formatted with Unetbootin leave any remaining space available to store files?
puppylinux8 years ago
do a frugal install to usb from within puppylinux/while running puppy linux from CD.