How do I make a Square Wave Generator?

I need to make a square wave generator for a project. Does anyone know how to build a square wave generator that can generate a frequency 100-150KHz? 

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Check out this PDF. You'll find the answer there.

lemonie7 years ago

Don't. Use. Let. Me. Google. That. For. You.

Maybe you could use the old oscillator-from-cmos-inverters-trick:
seandogue7 years ago
555 followed by any of dozens of logic chips will produce a nice clean square wave
(555 produces your clocking signal, and the logic chip gives you a really nice high rate-of-change edge) I prefer the easy method of using a 555 setup in astable mode with a pot for frequency control, then following the 555 with a74000 or 4000 series counter chip to define a true 50% duty cycle signal. Cheap as sin and educational, as well as easy to design and's all cookie cutter from the data sheets.