How do I make a decent 4 on 4 paintball field?

I really want to know

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N1CK4ND08 years ago
Make holes in the woods, stack up wood to form walls, you can make a bunker from 1 scrap piece of plywood too.
chrissearle7 years ago
look at pictures of (or visit) sites and see how their bunkers are constructed using shipping pallets, barrels, boards, doors, sheet metal, etc.

then get 2 pallets for each bunker [to make them twice as strong] (if you only want them facing one way) and nail then back to back so you have one pallet with the boards going vertical, the other horizontal,

for example if you wanted 10 bunkers, get 20 pallets, and so on

NOTE: this is only my opinion on home-made-bunker-ism.

be creative, find things that would be good to hide behind (oil drums, an old door, etc)

hope this helps
Just make a bunch of obstacles and barricades.
If you can find a large forest, lots of cover and tactics can be used
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
stacked boxes, places where you can hide, etc