How do I make a marble elevator with a small DC motor?

One inch marble, raised 48", elevator comes back down and picks up another marble..using small DC motor, breadboard and homemade gear box

MattGyver928 years ago
Ah, a lift mechanisim would probably solve all of your problems. They are used in forms of kinetic art called "Rolling Ball Scuptures". There are two basic kinds: there is a bicycle chain lift that has prongs that can carry a ball upwards, and there is (my favorite) a screw lift-basically a vertical screw that spins and lifts the ball up to the top. There are other types of lifts-just search for "Rolling Ball Sculpture" and you'll find lifts as well as other elements you might want to look at. Try first.
UziMonkey8 years ago
A conveyor belt type elevator might be the easiest. There would be no controller necessary, it just runs. A scoop on the belt will pick up a marble, take it to the top, drop it off, scoop goes back down and around to get another marble.
jseeley (author)  UziMonkey8 years ago
Good call....I have taken some rolled roofing ...hooked up a motor and belt and pulley and it seems to work....I found out that with the rubber roofing material that all I have to do is staple the belt together to get the right tension and to make the buckets I stapled them too. Son of a gun if it didn't work! Thank You for the concept.