How do I make a string of LED lights so they can be spaced at the point where I want them to be?

Follow up question from my last posting.....I don't know how to make the wire long/short enough  to put the LED lights inside the soda bottles, to they hit at the right spot. So as to illuminate the waterfall.

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iceng6 years ago
Here is how you layout  any number of LED along two wires.
You could use a Wall Wart ( 12VDC is common wall plug ) in place of the
9V battery.
The current of the wall wart will depend on how many lights you hang on
the line.
This pointer to a 500ma 12VDC wall wart can light ocer 20 LEDs for $3.99.
I would use the same lamp cord used by garden lighting sold at hardware
IF you go this way I can give further help.


terriradke (author)  iceng6 years ago
Thank You!!! Sorry this reply took so long......I've been very busy the last couple of months ;)
frollard6 years ago
To attach a wire to an led leg you need to solder it (if you're doing it properly)

terriradke (author)  frollard6 years ago
Thank you frollard!
Length of wire attached unto LEDs does not matter. Yet current on-flowing through said LEDs, current measured in the milli-amperes, current does matter. Use resistors to limit current appropriately. Use as much length of wire as desired.
terriradke (author)  Jack A Lopez6 years ago
Thanks Jack!