How do I make a string of LEDs light up in sequence (one after another as if the the light is "moving")?

I am trying to make it so when I press a button the LEDs would "run" up and down the strand a few times and then all blink at once (totaling about 5-10 seconds). I understand circuits and everything, would I need to get a programmable chip? I am not well versed in programming, but I guess I could try to learn. Is there a way to do this w/o an IC?

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you can get any basic electronics workbook and get the chasing light circuit but as far as getting them to blink all at once you are going to need a secondary timing circuit i would use a 555 to delay until the chase sequence is done then a second 555 to introduce your pulse for all of your leds to blink at once.
AnthonyC2110 months ago
hey dude! can i have some tutorials in making moving led light chain. Thanks in advance :D
ErikS33 years ago

I am wondering if there is something I can buy I have a old four light traffic light if I hook them all to power they all light up. Can I buy something to make them run in sequence like red Amber green and green arrow?

KikiTay6 years ago
Simple! I use this module from "special effects magic" in all my LED projects! Tiny in size and pretty straightforward!

Hope it helps!
jufreese8 years ago
go on google and type in electronics club and they have a circuit that can help you
gmxx8 years ago
not easily, if it all. the easiest way would be to get a board like the arduino mega, and hook all of the lights up to pwm