How do I make a wedding cake posy?

Hi everyone. I am making a wedding cake in June and, because the couple are doing it on a very tight budget, I need to DIY as much as possible

I have no idea how to make a posy. Preferably using artificial roses. I need help to make a budget topper that looks a million dollars (or pounds). 

I would also need help with the same but using fondant.

Can anyone help?

midiansangel (author) 7 months ago

Hi all, I trialled a faux flower posy on this 'naked' engagement cake. But I forgot step by step images for an Instructable. Thanks for your help :)


Ok I am assuming you mean a chocolate or Icing posy, (Bouquet)

Here at Instructables there are numerous Ibles on making bouquets of all kinds or you can Google

how to make a chocolate bouquet,

how to make a icing bouquet,


how to make candy bouquet

and if you mean flowers Google

how to make a rose bouquet

Don't forget to make an Instructable

rickharris9 months ago

Millions, OK hundreds, of youtube videos to show you how, search there.