How do I make a wireless router for our house with a USB input?

I want to use my airtime card in the router so we can all use our laptops at home.

frollard8 years ago
There are routers designed for just this task. The names or makers escape me a the moment. Best bet (least expense) would be to plug the aircard into a laptop, and connect the laptop to the router's WAN port with ethernet. Then in (presumably windows) bridge the connections between the aircard and the ethernet card. (select both connections at same time and right click >> 'bridge connections'. This will share the internet from the laptop to the router, where the other laptops will be able to use the internet from.
gmxx8 years ago
unless you have an ee, i dont think you will be able to build your own wifi router. (and because you ask, i suspect you don't) you can plug the aircard into a computer, and then share the connection by using internet sharing on mac, or by bridging the connections on windows