How do I make an actual power-generating minaturized Arc Reactor?

What materials do I need? What designs do I use? Any chemicals or magnets? How much power do you think it holds?

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i read a theory on it, its plausible, but i dont think we have the technology to build such a device. heres the theory

An improved plasma arc reactor is provided with variably positionable electrodes, including a cylindrical anode electrode having an inner, frustoconical cavity providing a reaction chamber and a spherical cathode ball electrode mounted therein. Between these electrodes an arc discharge is induced and sustained to heat and ionize an inert gas to produce an arc plasma for refining raw material introduced into the reaction chamber. A magnetic induction coil is mounted around the outer diameter of the anode electrode to thereby establish a magnetic field to rotate the arc discharge and plasma within the reaction chamber.

But I think it can be possible. I did research on this few months ago and found a solution but due to no budget I am not able to build it.

but I give u idea about it and i hope you will make one.

I am not giving u idea about reactor but I give you idea about energy source which require no direct power and you can use it with reactor to make it working for permanent reactor.


M Nadeem

agamjot EngrM8 months ago

Can you send me one too if possible?

Thank You So Much. I will give you credits as well.

can you please email me your ideas and theory's ect, I have a few people who want to try! ? thanks

Please email me your ideas and theories i just moght be able to formulate one with help from my cousins and friends.

if we nail it . ill give you credit

Can you please send me the blueprints of your theory. I am working with some people here and I really think that we could bring some improvements and who knows, maybe even make it work.

I will keep you in touch with the progress, thank you very much!


send this to my id
Technoguy147 years ago
We know we have to use radio active stuff to make the arc generator work. But not specifically an arc reactor but an induction reactor. The closest we can get our hands on is radium in its liquid form. Which is radio active emitting gamma, alpha and beta rays. The rays like gamma is some we could make use of as it is a naturally emitted high frequency electromagnetic wave. Filling it in a tube and winding coil around it would do. As the highfrequency variying magnetic wave will induce current in the coils. By rendering the math on this concept and getting the physics right along with some coil tricks like step up and step down induction technology to increase power and voltge. Its a reality. As radium is an isotope with less radioactivity its quite safte to. As the radiation dose range is quite less not considerably affecting people much. Thats should do.
And considering the half life period its quite hight to. So, it will work for quite a long time as long as the gamma radiation is avaliable

It does not need to be "radio active stuff", it just needs a palladium core.

pfff radio active stuf

ok here you do not need radioactive material to make a arc reactor. a arc reactor uses plasma to make electricity.

Only plasma isn't enough dude !

I read what you wrote.In adorning all the respects i say that a palladium reactor would be more safe. My suggestion is that we would make a small chamber (the chamber in which the reaction would take place.).When The palladium would be dropped at hydrogen we can sustain a large amount of green energy that would not produce any harmful waste i.e. radioactive waste.We can make the magnetic copper coiled tubes in which the uranium isotope would travel high in velocity due to the energy released by the fusion or the fission process we would try. And that would produce energy in amounts not calculated and would be pure. The reaction chamber would be in the center as in the arc reactor we would have one heat sink mat the bottom with mercury or liquid nitrogen compressed would be filled in. to keep the reactor cool there would be a heat sink fan too made of nano materials that resist heat at large amounts. adorning your prospect with due respect I post My idea.

CambellT1 year ago

i would like to build an arc reactor, if you can send me the instructions and materials needed please.

NickG1021 year ago Palladium you say? Here you go...

Arc reactor is named like this because of its cerculer shap. It is smaller than a nuclear reactor but generates more than it. To generete power by an arc reactor, it has to take help of two methods and those are respectbly nuclear fisson and fusion. Both of these process are linked with each other. Such as a fisson process is applied to supply suffcicant thermic energy to get possed a fusion method. When a vast heat is proudused to uranium equal to its melt capacity, it melts. By electron emmition process there needs to remove all the beta. It left only alpha and guma. As guma has no charge, so a positive charged gas formets called plasma. To adopct the power, we can make energy.

Its possible. Actually never. I think I will make one of them but it will just look like it, the principles will be different. I haven't understood what you mean by How much power it holds, but the one I thought will be actually generating current not being charged and then giving out power. I don't know If it will work or not, but It should.

ما هي الدوات المستخدمه في صنع موفعل قوسي

gopalpotdar2 years ago

I look this blueprin,and I have questions how could attached cooling fan, heat sink,particle bottle ring and reaction chamber?

KrishnaK102 years ago

Can you please send me your ideas I am very interested.

NiranjanT2 years ago

Please send me blue prints of arc reactor because I have no original prints and send the source of raw material because in India its hard to find out material and where do I get palladium and that gas. Please send on

tukim3 years ago

You could look at cold fusion. Ecat device is cold fusion and is 1000 times more powerful than oil. Take their device, make it smaller. Done.Be iron man.

cmittl3 years ago

Ohm-nyxx if you could please email me as soon as you can, I am working on a design as I have been for years and I have a couple of proto-types, but I don't have nearly enough power I need. Your design looks like it would work but I need you to elaborate on your theories. Please contact me as soon as possible and hopefully we can work together and get this project moving along.





i would like to build an arc reactor, if you can send me the instructions and materials needed please.
athennavan4 years ago
i would like to build an arc reactor, if you can send me the instructions and materials needed please.,,,
Team I like this discssion and I started inventing things once done I will post
Rocko20114 years ago
Yes but there are more types of energy in this universe. So maybe we might find something on mars or even the moon, or maybe a meteor landed in the ocean and there is a form of energy in it you never know. I believe if you create a barrier or a container to create static electricity you will be in business. I mean it would not be as small at first but in a few years it will decrease in size and create a form of a working arc reactor a clean energy source. yes it seems hard but it is possible...

What. To talk about it email me
the arc reactor theory real now its based off of magnets but the name arc comes from the high voltege made by a ignition coil..30,000 volts i have studied many theorys but this one you can make from things around the house i will warn you i have not tried this but its the only way i can see the working if you would like to hear more email me at and i can give you specs on it
could you send me the details to i would like to help you
Can you please send me the specs? That would be great! Thanks!
Could you possibly send the specs/details to my email ( That would be wonderful, and thank you!
Could you please send the specs to my account? That would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
could u send the specs to my account
Kylethebold4 years ago
Can you please send me your ideas I am very interested.
Hey i dont get clearly what you said .. but can you tell me how we could make our own element..?
Hydrogen and palladium cold fusion you should explain me once more? if u r on skype.. let me know .
and I tried to do this cold fusion with oxygen because we were unable to steal hydrogen from school lab.... so the reaction was palladium was becoming hot so put water over it to know what wud be the result if my reactor get into water>>> result was that within 1 hour our palladium got rotten.. so i think it could be dangerous ... and i might have performed the cold fusion incorrectly... I am waiting for your reply.....
Info: Repulsor blasts may be directed by magnets and focused by electrostatic lenses
BloodRaine4 years ago
I am very interested in your ideas for the plasma thrusters and any other ideas you have for the ARC Reactor.
Will you be kind enough to send me your plan on this plasma thrusters at
syobst4 years ago
well im not sure of the matirles that could fill this order but this idea needs these elements to do it: ocilating energ magnetick self powering higly overcharged reparticalzation magnetic ionazation induced cerculer inter riging to higer osolating closer to center (kicking up ionization with higher rated ones that cause outer-rings to kickup quick wile iner-rings staying up into)core: with certen properties cause constint charged state(should disipateextra)

well there ya go
dibya8884 years ago
plz send complete information abbt this arc reactor.i want to make one..send me ur plan details at
My company is nearing completion of a fully functional arc reactor. Inquiries can be sent to:
i mail u give me details about and all data dear thanks i am waiting vikrant
Heyy i did email u.......i am interested in ur designs and thruster ideas....check out the mail and reply ASAP :D
jacdan6 years ago
i can make it. im reaserching on different type of generator and it comes to my mind to make a simpliest arc reactor. it can only generate 250 volts, id only make it like that for me to lower the cost of our electric bill at home. im trying to improve it now wait untill i make a patent of it here in phils. it is possible but not in terms of any chemical reactions or bonding. you can review some physics to how to generate electricity and it will come to your mind that it is possible.
indra094 jacdan4 years ago
i hav totally made arc reactor but only problem s with the power generator ..............if u hav any idea to modify plz send a mail to me at
I would like to build an arc reactor. Could you send me plans and materials list as well?
tkumar7 jacdan4 years ago
I want to talk 2 u. Are u on facebook.
hey could u please tell me ur plan ?
ncohen2 jacdan5 years ago
i would like to build an arc reactor, if you can send me the instructions and materials needed please.

thank you
arcmania jacdan5 years ago
hey buddy !! i would also like to make an arc ! so cud you pls send me instructions to build it !!
yeah..., send it to
hey u have trying to improve the technology right..?? can u let me the design that you have done already....?? please...
can you send me your plans on that?
I'd also like to know how to make an arc reactor, can you please send me the stuff too? thanks!
can you please sent me the schematics/waysyoumadeit to: cause i'd really like to know, thanks
can u teach me how to make it sir//?? can u sent me an email about that pleessssss....
Please send me the specs and stuff you used to make it, I would love to take a look at how you did/would do it. >
schim jacdan5 years ago
can u send me too
i would love to hear more on how you set yours up
Hey. I am actually in the process of making an arc reactor. I was just intereted in how you went about creating yours. Any tips would be much appreciated. My email is
Varun Mitra4 years ago
i am interested .you have facebook? need to talk to you
Reverence5 years ago
Actually.....i have an other idea..
Arrange 2 electrodes that is anode and cathode in a glass tube which is closed containing ionised xenon particles....when electricity is passed through it it create some arc's due to the collisions of electrons to electrode (special property of xenon) and collecting the minor charge from it at the starting and if this is continued it can generate heat up to 3400 c - 5000 c where u can get large amount's of energy.. ;D
Hero24015 years ago
Please could you send the instructions and materials needed to make the arc reactor. Thank you
Bossawsome5 years ago
Can you send me your plans on the reactor to
TheAlexGray5 years ago
Ok, I know there's no chance of any of us getting our hands on some palladium :P but if someone has blueprints and instructions on how to create it, please, can you email them to me? I'm at a loss for where to start, so I definitely need something to get me going. Thanks a million :)
-Alex Gray (
lonewolfk115 years ago
can you please send me blueprints, list of everything i would need, schematics, way you made it(in steps), i been tryin to find out for a while now and i would much appreciate it!! send all the info to my email thanks man ill let you know when i get it!!
I have designed an Arc Reactor. I can't tell how but let me assure you the theory works and it is based on a technology that already exists. Contact me at jason_mackinnon @ and I will share if we can get a global patent. It will replace fossil fuels and is very clean.
hey man im working on a design of my own and if you have any tips on other ways to build it let me know at
___7 years ago
  I think it is entirely feasible, excluding a few flaws:
          1.  As Kiteman has already stated, it's not real
          2. Assuming it was real, it would probably be a miniaturized fission or
              fusion reactor (not enough power would be generated with
              anything else that I know of).  This would also have flaws including:
                    a. Stable fusion has yet to be perfected, and if it has, it hasn't been
                        revealed to the general public
                    b. Anyone with any kind of reactor employing radiation
                        positioned that close to the heart (as was in Iron Man) 
                        would die of radiation poisoning far faster than Marie Curie sipping
                        a cocktail of arsenic, plutonium, and cocaine.
         3. I think the closest you'll come is finding this picture
             (i mean highly detailed schematic) in some website
             that you'll highly regret going to
do youhave the web address :P
okay...all u have to do is just think that there is no such thing "like arc reactor".. Its a kind of power source.. use plasma..or helium for that...
hey friend can u give me your personal e mail id plz.........
My id is
I am waiting...........
ammush6 years ago
nothing is impossible!!! m working on arc reactor.. soon i will show.
Techrave16 years ago
I think this is entirely possible because the sun is a helium nuclear reactor so if u could miniturise than then sure. Another way is to find a chemical or substance that when exposed to another substance, chemical or frequency ect... As the technoguy14 said " cuts the coil creating an electric current.
zaccattack7 years ago
im doing a physics paper at the moment i thought that this was mor of a go at cold fusion
Technoguy147 years ago
My suggestion is that we could use the glowing stuff radium in its fluid form. Fill it inside it circular tube. And wound coils around it. As the radium is a radio active isotope. its mildly radioactive which is quite safe. As it emits gamma radiation which is quite a high frequency varying electromagnetic wave when it cuts the coils creating electric current. Well you can use step up transformer coiling technology to boostup the small voltage. My definitions are a bit crude. But along with the math work out you will get the lay out to get this right.
t.umesh7 years ago
ok here it is:
t.umesh7 years ago
ok here it is :
mcjking7 years ago
 I have no clue if you could make it or how it would be done.  But let me all remind you, what type of gadgets did we get from star trek.  I assume all of you have used a microwave at sometime in your life.
longdog127 years ago

I believe it is possible, like in iorn man 2, stark needs to find a lieable fuel source, maybe we dn't have that yet.

hope fully soon though I have some ideas in my up coming 'iorn man ideas'

You'll need an Altoids tin, an Arduino, and about a metric ton of stabilized Phlebotinum. Oh, and a 9-volt battery.
Hee hee, not to mention 24 pounds of Minovsky Particles!

...I have been reading waaaay to much
acidbass7 years ago
 like in ironman?
lemonie7 years ago
Do you have any idea what an "Arc Reactor" is? (I don't)

Kiteman lemonie7 years ago
It's the shiny magnetic power-thingie in Iron man's chest.

It's not real.

lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
I know that much, is there a base theory to it?

Kiteman lemonie7 years ago
In the film, it starts as a magnet implanted in his chest to stop iron shrapnel in his bloodstream damaging his heart.

Add a few missile components (?), and it becomes a reactor capable of powering the suit.

Maybe the comic-readers amongst us have more information?

Wiki link
lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
I think it was Krabapple that said wearily "Magnets, always with the magnets..."
I fail to see any logic in that idea, but that's that sort of thing isn't it.

orksecurity7 years ago
Reminder: The original Iron Man ran on transistors. They don't do the job either.

First step in becoming a maker is to understand the difference between fiction and fact...
Re-design7 years ago
It was a movie prop.  There is not a chance of creating it on earth.  Not even theoretically.  Maybe some where out there in space there are the materials and the right "atmosphere" to create it but you'll never find it.