How do I make an all-in-one center out of a shirt or jacket?

It needs to use led lighting for style, a camera of sorts for secret missions, a speaker to play my favorite music for everyone to hear, some air freshener spray, a place for chips, a clock, someplace for 3-4 packs of gum, a place for a can, a calculator, and wireless connectivity(optional). EDIT: Alright, I need to rephrase this, what I want is to find or have someone else make a shirt or jacket that can do a bunch of different things. A button to switch channels or turn off the tv, a light in one of the arms, maybe some sort of generator in the arms to charge a battery so I can do stuff longer. I just was kinda inspired by the conductive fabric stuff and wanted to see someone make something really awesome out of the stuff.

Do an EBAY search for "fishing vest" I'm sure you"ll find a vest with a plethora of pockets. One of those might make a good base for your project.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Look at military surplus supply stores to get an idea of how tactical vests are designed and made. Lay out all of your equipment for placement on a vest and just sew on pockets or elastic tabs to hang your equipment and cut out holes for access and wire portals.. It might be easier to use a jacket that has a zip-out liner that you can modify. Black trenchcoat. Good luck.