How do I make an early morning alarm clock?

I want to build a simple circuit that I can attatch to an alarm clock that will light up different lights at different times. (For example, a green LED when I have time to continue sleeping, a yellow when I need to wake up, and red when I am late.) Please help!

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I suspect, like most people, you are not looking up to see what time is on the clock and just slapping the snooze button. So even if you had warning lights you wouldn't see them. If you are opening your eyes to look at the clock then why have warning lights when you can clearly see the time and know how much time you have left.

I think a better option would be to buy 2 additional alarm clocks. Make sure each one makes a different noise. Then you won't have to look up you just slap the snooze button. When the first goes off you know by the sound you have some time left. The second goes off about the same time as the first goes off again after the snooze time has lapsed and you know you need to get up. If you happen to snooze the first 2 then all 3 will go off within minutes of each other telling you its time to go. Most clocks have a way to set the snooze time above the typical 5 or 15 minutes.

I use a similar system. My wife and i each have our own alarm clock. My alarm goes off first. I snooze it about 4 times before my wife's goes off. When i hear my wife's i know that the next time mine goes off i have to get up.
.....and then she kicks you......
...or you could be like my #2 son, who will lie in bed and listen to his alarm clock for a whole 15 minutes....until #1 son gets up to turn off the alarm.....

lemonie5 years ago
Like mpilchfamily says; a yellow light isn't going to tell you when you need to wake up, because you won't be looking at it.

canucksgirl5 years ago
Um... Doesn't a regular alarm clock give you that effect?

No alarm = Continue sleeping
Alarm On = Get out of bed
Telephone rings, and its your boss = You're late! (and might be fired).
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2. You work with dangerous chemicals.
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