How do I make an electric burner?

I need an electric burner that can easily get up to 185 degrees F.  How can I make a ceap but effective electric burner?

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Kalrag (author) 7 years ago
Never mind people I found one that will work perfectly.
Use a drip coffee machine.
Kalrag (author) 7 years ago
Ok its for the CFR. I need to get 600mL of water to 185 degrees F in about a minute.
lemonie Kalrag7 years ago

You need about 3Kw to do that.
But as I said before why don't you just tell everyone what kit you've got and specifically what you want to do with it instead of asking vague questions?
You could use a kettle, but I guess that wouldn't "fit". Microwaves perhaps, but what is this water in?

harry887 years ago
use a stove
rickharris7 years ago
Most commercial electric heaters (i.e. an oven hob) will get up to at least 300 to 500 deg C. i fail to understand you question -( PS I have an hons degree in technology so I am not generally confused)
Re-design7 years ago
I'd try to give you an answer but you tend to IGNORE logic.
lemonie7 years ago
Is this part of the cold/hot fusion thing? Why don't you just tell everyone what you've got and what you want to do with it instead of asking these vague questions?

Kalrag (author) 7 years ago
600ml of water
How fast ?
Kiteman Kalrag7 years ago
Why not just use a kettle?
How much do you want to heat ?