How do I make my sonic humidifier work like it did when I bought it?

I tried replacing the filter, cleaning the hard white stuff(calcium deposits?), and the metal plate. I even bought a water conditioner shaped like a baby rattle that stows in the water tank, but no luck.

chuckr448 years ago
For least buildup of mineral deposits on the ultrasonic metal disk, use distilled water. My tap water is not that hard so I only get slight buildups each season.
sound918 years ago
If it is indeed clogged from deposits of some sort, vinegar often does the trick. Just let it sit for a couple of hours and then rinse out.
frollard8 years ago
The ultrasonic unit will be a big metal puck, with a ceramic disk (the magic part) screwed in with a retaining ring. Mine came with instructions to remove that ring, (use a VERY wide flat screwdriver, etc), and clean all sides of the ceramic, and the inside of the unit. You may need a replacement ceramic pellet.