How do I make the eraser larger on WINDOWS 7 MS paint?

Hi! Another technical problem. I've been getting into paint to try doing some manga on it and I've run into a problem. I can't make the eraser larger. I've worked with the previous paints but none of those hotkeys work. I looked it up on the internet and it said to use fn+ctrl+? but it didn't make any difference. Remember this is windows 7!

Any help?

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Burf6 years ago
For large areas, use the free-form select tool and then clear the selection. The regular sized eraser will take care of the final touch-up.
Tornado96 (author)  Burf6 years ago
Since this was the most helpful answer it will get best answer. :-)
Tornado96 (author)  Burf6 years ago
That's the problem. Say I only want to erase one colour. I can't use teh colour replacement with the free-form tool. Darn you paint...
MDM548 months ago

You can also use Windows key + Ctrl + "+" from Numpad for increasing the Eraser size and Windows key + Ctrl + "-" from Numpad for decreasing the Eraser size. I tried it on Windows 10, hope it also works for Windows 7.

ruchirarya4 years ago
Use On-Screen Keyboard who neither have alternate keys in their keyboards nor Numpad.

1. Search keyboard in Start Menu.
2. Open it.
3. Enable the Numpad by pressing NumLock Key.
4. Open paint and select rubber.
5. Now press (ctrl key) + (+ key from numpad); size will increase. Number of time you press both the keys, number of times the size of the rubber will increase.

Note:- Those who dont have numpad enabled in On-Screen Keyboard, enable it from settings of On-Screen Keyboard.

:) :D :P
Ann. ruchirarya11 months ago

Hi you're amazing

It was a great way and solved my problem thanks yaaar it was brilliant

It was a great way and solved my problem thanks yaaar it was brilliant

It was a great way and solved my problem thanks yaaar it was brilliant

ShameemS11 months ago

Did Google ever do this to you?

ShameemS11 months ago
infyz1 year ago

To increase Ctrt+Fn+/(?)

To decrease Ctrt+Fn+;(:)

Selainq2 years ago

which is the short key for auto sum in excel 2007

Its working 100%. Thanx bro..

mfnaqvi4 years ago
Note that Numeric Pad is available on your Laptop Keyboard, as shown in following Image, so:
1. Enable Number Lock on your Laptop by pressing Fn & NmLk Keys
2. Press Ctrl & I  Keys to increase the size
3. Press Ctrl & ; Keys to decrease the size
perlcoder4 years ago
I've just had the opportunity to do this on a Dell Laptop using Windows 7 x64 and Paint.

To increase the size of the eraser, press FN-CTRL-+ (keypad +, not keyboard +).

The FN key tells the keyboard that you wish to use the alternate keys (in this case keypad). I have not tested this on a full sized keyboard, but I assume that ctrl-+ will work when the + key is located on the keypad instead of the +/= key on the keyboard.
sroy116 years ago
control(ctrl) button plus + (plus) for large - for small
lemonie6 years ago

Use a (real) pen/pencil & eraser instead.

rickharris6 years ago
Select eraser and then select the size pull down. Even at it's biggest it isn't very big
if ur on a laptop take two fingers together and slowly drag them apart on the trackpad
frollard6 years ago
In the old version there was ctrl +-, but I don't think the 7 version has that. :(