How do I pause a pro membership?

I won a 3-month pro membership, but I haven't been getting on Instructables as much. Is there a way I can pause it, that way when I'm more active on here, I can really use it?

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JM19992 years ago

No, you can't pause a PRO membership.

However you should talk to someone like MsSweetSatisfaction or Jessyratfink and ask them if they can give you the amount of PRO you have left so you can activate it later.

The other option is just to get another 'ible featured and get another PRO membership.

The last option is to post an "i made it" comment and send the link to Brooklyntonia and she will give you a 3 month PRO membership if she has any left.

Hope this helps you :)

I think "EXTREME COMMENTING" has started another round too :P

Round 3?

I know there were two rounds and the second one I think won't end.

then the second round might have been what I saw :)

That's the link to round 2.

At the time of writing this round 2's link is directly to the right of my comment in the "related" section!

So it is too lol good eye

And now it's gone!

Kiteman2 years ago

No, you can't pause redeemed pro memberships, but if you have more than one, you don't have to redeem the next straight away.

Vyger2 years ago

During long periods of hybernation that might come in handy. But then, I could sleep for years and not use up my reserve memberships.

iceng2 years ago

Sure ... just turn your screen off !

That robot still keeps timing in the pause though.