How do I play anything I want over my school's intercom?

My school has their intercom set up so that any phone in-line jack can connect to the intercom except only the phones in the office have the ability to do it at the moment because the code to get on the intercom is page #00. So all i would need is the same kind of phone (Starplus Triad). Then I could do it manually in front of the phone but that leaves too much of a trace and not a good ally if I got caught standing their with the phone. My idea is to be able to wirelessly send a message via Bluetooth with my phone to maybe an arduino board or raspberry? and then trigger the phone code as well- all of which while it plays the message. Anybody got any ideas? -AND YES I do know this is dangerous and I can get in trouble but I'm quite technical about these things and am trying to eliminate all trace of it possibly being me. I will also add that I will use a voice changer when sending the messages. The messages would most likely have to be pre-recorded because I'm sure phones don't have the ability to send a voice-changed audio clip

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PerCHerD1 year ago

I agree with @rickharris . What you do in school reflects a part of who you are, and that is something that you do not want to ruin when it comes to teachers, college applications, etc. What you could do, however, is go to your local Walmart and prank people over the intercom there. Depending on which specific store you go to, there could be a few staff telephones in secluded areas of the store (e.g. the back corner) where you could pick up the receiver and be able to say stuff over the intercom. To do this, I think you would need to enter #96 or something like that on the phone's dialer, but it may vary on whichever store you go to. You still risk getting tracked down over the security cameras and possibly being temporarily kicked out of the store, so plan your actions accordingly.

rickharris3 years ago
Try being responsible instead. Your future is closely connected with your schooling so pay more attention and try to think forward about the results of your actions. Something you appear on the surface to be not so good at.

According to your profile your 21 - what sort of school do you attend?

Thanks, mom. :)

We'll be good boys and girls.

As a long time teacher I know the frustration, inconvenience and damage caused by students who are "just having a laugh".

Sorry but I and all other teachers invest far too much time, effort and emotion into educating young people so that they can have a better future to put up with messing around. It isn't fair on others who just want to get on.

That's a big reason for being very heavy handed with people who mess me about. IF it seems like I don't have a sense of humor so be it. perhaps in some things I don't.

Bearyboo35 (author)  rickharris3 years ago
I am 17 and a senior, and yes I do understand the possible outcomes. First of all, I never plan to physically tamper with anything in the school, ever. Second of all I don't plan to swear over this thing, only appropriate and funny things will be said. I should also have mentioned I don't want anyone telling me why not to do the project.
Unfortunately, you've joined a site with a much more responsible approach to life than YouTube or Facebook...
framistan3 years ago
I know how to build a high-voltage shock device that puts out 10,000 volts. My imagination tells me it will keep burglars from stealing my car. THEN... If they get into my car, they will never get my car stereo because it is outfitted with razor blades glued all around it. Should I build it? NOOOO. What if a little child touches my car and is killed... not some burglar. What if a car mechanic sticks his hand in my dashboard to change a fuse... and gets cut on my razorblades!!! There are always un-intended consequences to every invention or creation. The downsides of your idea FAR OUTWEIGH the upside... even if you don't get caught. Don't feel bad.... lots of things have been invented that have negative consequences the inventor didn't think about. In fact, EVERY INVENTION has un-intended consequences, lets take a look at a couple of them; NUCLEAR ENERGY .... created for a source of cheap electricity... WHOOPS also makes big bombs! AUTOMOBILES ..... nice alternative to riding horses ....... whoops causes pollutions and less walking makes us FAT and lazy. (side note: my brother calls automobiles "big-wheel-chairs" ) ... but I digress....
AIR CONDITIONING..... Very nice in summer... but WHOOPS keeps us locked inside our own houses and we don't interact with our neighbors much anymore.... Part of growing up is having good discernment (ability to judge situations wisely).

Can you think of any un-intended consequences for other inventions such as :
Clothes washers, fountain pens, cellphones, videogames, television, the internet, GMO foods, electric lights, computers (hint Hollerith machine)... it is interesting to think about. Don't build everything that comes to your mind.

I would give more props to someone who would be able to murder someone iva intercom.

Or make them become insta-obese.

Or make then immobile/less motivated to socialize.

I get they are examples but, g'damn that's a heavy exaggeration.

TNS_1T52 years ago

Hey, so i realize that this is a really old topic and it probably doesn't matter much to the original poster anymore, but here's my response for everyone that comes to this page to get some useful info.

First I'll start by saying that everyone here that gave an answer like "be responsible" or "you can't do that" (both in the legal and physical sense) does not and will never understand why pranking is fun. In short, pranking, when done right, is an accomplishment just like doing a hard sudoku puzzle or cross-word. It shows off one's capacity for technical and tactical thinking. And also, people commonly overestimate the seriousness of pranks. if it is really obviously a student prank and, most importantly, no one in specific was targeted and no major property damage occurred, then the school wont care too much (this may not apply to every school, but definitely most)

For the actual problem, i will say this now. Yes, it is possible to do this remotely, covertly, and without causing property damage, but not cheaply. There will most likely be next to 0 chance of recovering the supplies after the fact.

Here's how I would do it. First, buy an arduino plus all the stuff you need to play an audio file from an SD or MicroSD card to a speaker through the ardiono (there are tons of tutorials on the internet for both the set up and the coding of this) but leave out the speaker at the very end. Also make sure you still have some digital ports left on the arduino. Next take apart one of the W/T's and cut off the speaker. connect the positive wire that (used to connect to the speaker) to a free digital port on the arduino and the ground wire from the W/T to the ground port on the arduino. Once again, you'll have to teach yourself how to code an arduino but its pretty easy. Now wire up and program the arduino to a as if to play an audio file from an SD card through a small speaker (as i said before, internet tutorials), but do not include the final small speaker. Instead, attach a male phone handset plug with a few feet of excess wire to where the speaker would have gone (not the W/T speaker output) making sure to use the slots in the phone plug that would would normally be connected to the microphone if the plug were still connected to a handset. Now add some code to make sure that the arduino only starts playing the audio file when it receives a signal from the W/T output connected to that free digital pin form before (ie the arduino outputs the audio file to the phone plug when the W/T tries to make a noise). Next setup the arduino to be battery powered, secure every connection (preferably with solder when possible) and stick it all in a VERY non-menacing project box (maybe blue or even pink with a hello kitty sticker on it, or even a small printed note attached that says something like "Intercom Prank-o-matic 5000"). the only thing sticking out of the box should be the phone plug attached to the long wires which run into the box. Also add some double sided foam tape to the box without removing the outward facing paper on the foam (to stick it under a desk maybe).

One last thing is to buy a copy of the phones they use at your school, unplug the handset, plug in your device, and then find a usable phone jack that you think can make announcement. Now you can either set it all up so that you punch in the code, walk away, and try calling the disassembled W/T with the untouched one when your at a safe distance. Or, if your intercom makes a sound before announcements, you may want to get a second arduino to override the keypad in phone. the main arduino would activate the keypad one before playing the music. this method is very very pricy (already ~$60 for two arduinos), but it would allow for maximum covertness.

In my experience, good pranks are generally pretty pricy and the only feasible way to counter this is by splitting the cost over a group. If you want to run it cheaper without a group than you will have to compromise with one of these things:

-Added covertness: more physical infiltration work, like sneaking the device into an office, means less tech needed but added risk of getting caught

-Decreased effect: simply taping a working W/T to a phone, punching the code, holding the other W/T to an iPod and leaving without anyone seeing is the cheapest way but you loose sound quality and it will probably get taken down pretty quickly

Anyway, I know this was long but I hope it helped

some pros;
*if you get it to work you would be like the coolest dude in school
*impress all the ladies with your sweet computer hacking skillz.
some mehs
*people will either not care
*since your trying to be anonymous no one knows who did it and someone else gets all the ladies.
some cons
*this thing is a circuit board with blinking lights and random wires. Someone thinks its a bomb. you automatically go to jail until they sort it out. then you will always be known as the bomb kid for the rest of your high school career.
*this thing doesn't work and all the girls laugh at you.
*you get your stuff taken up, your out $27 for the arduino, $35 for the raspberry pi, $15 for the bluetooth, and what ever for the cell phone.

but what ever, im sure it uses some sort of dtmf codes or something, just rig up a box that does that.
iceng3 years ago
you couple a player inductively across an unused auxiliary input in a wall
bwrussell iceng3 years ago
But wouldn't the core flux override the bandwidth modulator, causing a chain reaction through the audio junctions resulting in a potential voltage arc at the line in jack?
iceng bwrussell3 years ago
I'm talking about a player plug wired inductor (much like a Speaker)
perhaps a split core snapped around a single wire of the AUX input
which is grounded at some further point like a stage mic sw should be.

It is still a loop and a signal can be induced.
All that is necessary is for the main unit volume be turned up
there should be no sound because of the ground at the mic
but the audio in the inductor is generating air core emf in the aux input !

We used to do this with land lines back when
Vyger3 years ago
I guess the point I was trying to make is that you are dealing with a lot of serious issues. You think its a prank but there is a huge safety issue involved. The intercom is used to transmit safety information to all the people in the building. If a gunman were to enter the building a lockdown announcement would be made over the intercom. If you compromise the functioning of that system it would be viewed as a criminal issue. Prank public announcements made over public address systems are not covered under the freedom of speech but instead viewed as criminal activities. There have been supreme court cases on this issue. Its not unlike pulling a fire alarm as a prank. It shows very poor judgment on your part.
Legality issues and suspension aside you won't be able to pull it off without vandalising the main system in the office or leaving some noticeable piece of hardware behind.
Bearyboo35 (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago
This is not true, you did not read my question fully. Every phone input in any room has the ability to access the intercom. And yes there will be hardware left in some room.
Vyger3 years ago
I wonder how many years you will get suspended for. We should start a pool, I will take 2 years and no graduation. To bad I am not one of your schools administrators because I would file a vandalism complaint against your parents and let them deal with you after they get the hefty fine. Yep, there is nothing like a 10,000 dollar fine and a criminal record to start off your adult life with.
Well, part of guerrilla warfare is capturing your enemy's weapons, so that you can later use these weapons against him.

So if your plan requires one of those kind of telephones, then I think that necessitates a mission to the office to, um, liberate one of those phones.

Have fun with your prank, and viva la resistance!