How do I power my ghetto blaster?

Is there an easy way to power my old ghetto blaster, other than using the 8 'D' batteries it requires?

kevinhannan8 years ago
1 - Mains and transformer 2 - Tesla coil - go and plug yourself in to the nearest nuclear power station and really get those beats booming(!) 3 - recharegable AA cells have a higher capacity than their D cell counterparts. Get some cell adapters (Maplin/Radio Shack./Tandy) and put those AA cells into a D cell adapter and you'll have the cheapest and most reliable solution at those beat-stepping, ear-popping boom-box beats! Get strutting!
Re-design8 years ago
You could try a "Mr. Fusion". But those are going to be pretty expensive at first.
VIRON8 years ago
Either by finding a replacement AC power cord, or by finding and correctly connecting a 12VDC 1AMP AC ADAPTER (big black cube plug) to the right battery springs and with the right polarity. The first option is easier. The second way may need a meter and a soldering iron.