How do I preserve a cardboard box so that it will last as a storage container for the tool that came in it?

The box interior has a shaped cutout (also cardboard) to hold the tool in place so the blade is protected. The box is non-corrugated cylinder board.  I need to preserve both the interior and exterior

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nicelly5 years ago
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seandogue7 years ago
You could carefully and thoroughly wrap it in clear 2" wide packing tape.

Jayefuu7 years ago
mnbouchet7 years ago
 I think I would duct tape it up real quick... just a suggestion...
Clear (or patterned if you aren't bothered) contact paper.  It'll give some structural integrity and help protect the cardboard.
Burf7 years ago
Give it 4 or 5 light coats of clear urethane spray paint, inside and out.  It will darken the bare cardboard but I've preserved several boxes that way.