How do I protect against tomato blight next summer after terrible problems this year?

Should I sterilize my potting soil for my cherry tomatoes? How should I dispose of infected fruit and plants to avoid contamination next season? Will the soil need any work, or will the freezing temps of winter take care of the viruses?

If you see a plant that even looks like blight destroy it by either burning it or putting it in a sealed garbage bag. Do not compost them as this will spread the blight. Some fungicides work also to get rid of the blight and there are organic ones sold.
AndyGadget8 years ago
The dreaded blight! Once you've got it it will stay for good and will hit them earlier the damper the weather. We can't grow them in our main beds, but have had success with cherry tomatoes in pots but changing the soil each year.
BTW, burn the diseased plants, don't compost them.
Re-design8 years ago
Here's a link to a very good discussion on tomato blight

If that doesn't fill you up with knowledge then google "tomato blight prevention" and you will get your info.