How do I pulse a LED to get a brighter glow?

How do I pulse an LED to get a brighter light? I don't know much about it, but I heard you can get double if not triple the brightness of a LED by pusling the ampage or something, causing it to briefly burn very bright but stop before it burns out. How do you do this? I want to increase the range of my IR leds.
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jeff-o7 years ago
Are the IR LEDs being used to transmit data?  If so, all you need to do is increase the current going to the LEDs a little bit.  They're already being pulsed.  This probably will help boost your range.

If they're just steady-on, you can connect them to an oscillator (made with a 555 timer, for example) and use it to strobe the LEDs.  Again, feed them slightly more current than normal.  If they're being used as a general source of illumination, this probably won't help very much, though.
mathews7 years ago
I built a pulsed LED torch and found that the LEDs did not become brighter, but it did use about half the power, so you could put twice as many in, and/or build a different control circuit to switch them on at different times (Oscillator and a decade counter).

Here is the instructable, and look at stages 7 and 8, and the conversation with padlock in the comments.
Its unlikely it was taking less power, more that your meter couldn't respond to the pulsing current properly.

JohnJY7 years ago
Sorry for the link, but I can't paste on Instructables, or upload images. (See I was trying to upload an image, that wouldn't upload, so I copied my text, tryed to paste it back on after refreshing the page. Only to remember that I cannot.)
Here is a link, to a 'Through Away Site' I made to answer this. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.